We Got Married | Episode 8 | ENG SUB | Taemin & Naeun


This episode reveals how Naeun has improved her cooking tremendously – 2 weeks of dorm room training with her members. Taemin is left speechless after realizing the trouble Naeun went through to remedy her disastrous cooking skills. They are then surprised by the early arrival of Shinee’s MinHo and Key, who bombard their way into the house through the window. They start with introductions before Minho and Key continually tease Taemin. They have a meal, and despite Naeun’s hard work, the first dish is lamented to be too salty, and the second one, to have raw carrots. They reveal some secrets over the dinner table, including the fact that whilst Taemin chose Naeun to be his ideal type, she chose another member from Shinee instead – this being Jong Hyun.


Note: Part 1 starts at 10:10

Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3


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